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  1. TacTec™ Plate Carrier

    Purpose Built 5.11 Tactical® brings you the TacTec™ Plate Carrier, which were designed to be the most lightweight and best- fitting plate carriers you can find and constructed to ensure high performance while remaining lightweight and mobile.Features and Benefits* Enhanced comfort and…

    Price: $199.99
  2. TacTec™ Plate Carrier Side Panels

    Purpose Built TacTec™ Plate Carrier Side Panels are rugged and durable pouches engineered to complement the TacTec™ Plate Carrier System by providing secure storage for protective ballistic plates, maximizing protection in hostile environments. Each pouch features reinforced attachment…

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    Price: $54.99
  3. TacTec™ Flex Kit - Set of 2

    Purpose Built The TacTec Flex Kit allows you to synergize your storage options by shifting between 5.11® TacTec System™ and MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® web platforms.Features and Benefits* Synergize your storage, maximize your options* Includes two 7” x 3” panels* Converts web…

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    Price: $14.99
  4. TacTec Holster 2.0

    Purpose Built Our TacTec Holster 2.0 features new hook-and-loop material that provides a secure grip without the bulk of a separate hook-and-loop panel. Engineered from tough 1050D nylon, with a shape-retaining stiffener and adjustable snap retention, this simple, intuitive holster is a premium tool…

    Price: $19.99
  5. Taclite® Pro Vest

    Purpose Built Modeled after our legendary Tactical Vest, the TACLITE® Pro Vest is constructed from ultra-lightweight TACLITE® ripstop fabric and coated with Teflon®, providing lightweight durability and superior resistance against stains, spills, and soil, to ensure lasting durability…

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    Price: $79.99
  6. Holster Pouch

    Purpose Built An invaluable accessory for patrol duty or tactical operations, the Holster Pouch utilizes our proprietary 5.11® TacTec System™ to provide a quick and effective holster solution for any standard sidearm.Features and Benefits* Quick and reliable hook and loop fastener holster…

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    Price: $19.99
  7. TacTec Pistol Mag Pouch

    Purpose Built The TacTec™ Pistol Mag Pouch is an ideal accessory for tactical operators and recreational shooters alike, providing a quick and simple pistol magazine storage solution that remains low profile when not in use.Features and Benefits* Quick and easy pistol mag pouch* Belt, hook and…

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    Price: $22.99
  8. Tactec™ Plate Carrier Extender

    Purpose Built Extend the circumference of your TacTec™ Plate Carrier by replacing the standard cummerbund with these extended length cummerbunds. Specifications * Cummerbunds will accommodate a circumference of 64" when elastic is relaxed, up to 71" when elastic is fully extended. * To…

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    Price: $29.99
  9. PUSH™ Pack

    Purpose Built The Practical Utility Shoulder Hold, or PUSH™ Pack, is a full-featured messenger style bag that provides quick grab-and-go efficiency in any situation.Features and Benefits* Roomy main compartment* Dual expanding side pockets* Covert TacTec System™ compatible…

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    Price: $59.99
  10. RUSH MOAB™ 6

    Purpose Built The MOAB™ 6 (Mobile Operation Attachment Bag) is part of the RUSH series of premium quality gear packs from 5.11 Tactical® that can act as a tactical pack, a grab-and-go bag, or a quick and easy shoulder pack for school or travel.Features and Benefits* Fully customizable…

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    Price: $69.99
  11. TacTec Chest Rig

    Purpose Built The TacTec Tactical Chest Rig from 5.11 Tactical® provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for your tactical kit, and can be worn H-Frame or Rhodesian (x-back) style.Features and Benefits* 5.11 SlickStick® /MOLLE chest rig exterior webbing* Optional hydration storage*…

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    Price: $79.99
  12. TDU™ Pant

    Purpose Built Designed with feedback from active operators, Ripstop TDU™ Pants deliver superior utility for any tactical environment. Engineered from our durable, lightweight polyester/ cotton ripstop fabric, they feature a self- adjusting waistband, double- reinforced seat,…

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    Price: $49.99
  13. COVRT18™ Backpack

    Purpose Built Designed to appear subtle and inconspicuous, the COVRT18™ is a full-sized covert backpack that provides superior tactical utility and efficiency in a wide range of environments.Features and Benefits* Ambidextrous side-entry TacTec System™ compartment* R.A.C.™ conceals…

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    Price: $129.99
  14. Double Duty Jacket™

    Purpose Built Featuring a zip-out quilted liner for modular weather protection, the 5.11® Double Duty™ Police Jacket is an ideal patrol solution for a wide range of climates.Features and Benefits * Adaptable weather protection* Zip-out quilted liner* Underarm zippers for…

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    Price: $129.99
  15. Women’s TDU™ Pant

    Purpose Built Designed with feedback from female operators in the field, Women's TDU™ Pants feature a self-adjusting waistband, double-reinforced seat, and a Teflon® finish for enhanced durability and comfort.Features & Benefits* High-performance women's tactical…

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    Price: $49.99
  16. COVRT™ Small Insert

    Purpose Built Organize your gear or convert your carryall into an instant go-bag with a Covert Insert from 5.11 Tactical®, which is ideally sized for a backpack or briefcase and is fully compatible with web gear, MOLLE, TacTec™, or any hook and loop storage system.Features and Benefits*…

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    Price: $19.99
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