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  1. Large Kit Tool Bag

    One of our most versatile items, the 5.11® Large Kit Tool Bag offers robust and customizable storage for a broad range of applications.

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    Price: $49.99
  2. Small Kit Tool Bag

    One of the most versatile items in the 5.11 catalogue, the Kit bag is a robust storage options for your tools, range gear, camera equipment, first aid , or tioletries. Built from rugged 1050D nylon, featuring fold-out organizational panels and zippered mesh pockets, you gear will be ready for the…

    Price: $39.99
  3. ESC Rescue Tool

    When you see trouble, you act, and the compact ESC Rescue Tool keeps you ready and easy to carry in your pocket or clipped to your visor.

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    Price: $19.99
  4. LMC™ Curved Rescue Tool

    Designed to assist first responders during emergency extractions, the LMC™ Curved Rescue Tool makes short work of rope, cord, seatbelts, or loose clothing, while a blunted tip minimizes the risk of occupant injury.

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    Price: $33.99 $44.99
  5. All Hazards Nitro Backpack 12L

    …with you. The All Hazards Nitro Bag features dual main compartments, a 180 degree opening for easy access, pass through slots for breaching tools for a baton, loop patches, and a 3-surface MOLLE- and Slickstick® compatible web platform. An orange lining helps you identify your gear in low-light,…

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    Price: $129.99
  6. Rappel Jacket

    …range for a little target practice, the Rappel Jacket wraps you in smart tactical utility. Zippered hand and chest pockets hold your high-tech tools tight, and zippered RAPIDraw™ pass-through openings keep your CCW close at hand. Reinforced woven fabric at the elbows, shoulders and…

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    Price: $99.99
  7. Uniform Outer Carrier - Class B

    …protect operators in the most harrowing situations. Not to mention, it pretty much carries it all, and provides smart, quick access to essential tools and documents. Add a chest plate through the internal openings at the bottom for the ultimate protection on duty. This carrier also includes an…

    Price: $84.99
  8. WeaPen BitMag

    Designed by retired US Army Ranger Justin Gingrich, the WeaPen Tool BitMag pairs with the advanced tactical WeaPen Tool AR. Together, they complete your powerful, but pocket-sized AR field-strip kit.

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    Price: $22.99
  9. Double Duty Tactical 1.0 Pen

    If the pen is mightier than the sword, the Double Duty Tactical Pen is the toughest pen on the planet. Both a premium quality writing implement and a last ditch defensive tool, the Double Duty Tactical Pen 1.0 is equally at home writing a note or punctuating a perp.

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    Price: $39.99
  10. CarRake Expert Entry Tool

    …only. Call Customer Service at (866) 451-1726 to order. Confirmation required prior to purchase. Engineered for first responders, the CarRake Expert Entry Tool allows swift, safe breach and clearance of laminated, security, privacy, and other glass types, allowing expedited vehicular rescue.

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    Price: $249.99
  11. Heavy Kit Bag

    Note: Sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement and fire department agencies only. Call Customer Service at (866) 451-1726 to order. Confirmation required prior to purchase. Designed to store and carry the 5.11® Heavy Breaching Kit, the Heavy Kit Bag consists of a steel reinforced…

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    Price: $299.99
  12. Steel Jacket Multitool Wallet

    …The Steel Jacket Multi-Tool Wallet is a powerhouse of utility and functionality, with small, medium and large flathead screwdrivers, a pry tool, multi-sized hex bolt wrenches, a 1/4" hex bit socket and yes, even a bottle opener. The Steel Jacket also includes insets for SIM and memory…

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    Price: $29.99
  13. Wingman Patrol Bag™

    Designed to fit in your passenger seat, the 5.11® Wingman Patrol Bag™ functions as a combination organizer, tool kit, and tactical bag, keeping everything you need within easy reach.

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    Price: $89.99
  14. MultiBreacher

    Note: Sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement and fire department agencies only. Call Customer Service at (866) 451-1726 to order. Confirmation required prior to purchase. A full-sized multi-function pry bar that provides effective entry against fortified security portals.

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    Price: $319.99
  15. Edgebender 2.0

    …at (866) 451-1726 to order. Confirmation is required prior to purchase.Purpose Built Engineered to accelerate the use of other 5.11® breaching tools, the EdgeBender 2.0 minimizes exposure and facilitates defeat of security portals quickly and quietly, now updated to be more effective and easier…

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    Price: $299.99
  16. Gryphon BreakN'Rake Extended Expert Entry Tool

    …prior to purchase. Built by 5.11 Tactical® specifically for first responders, the Gryphon Extended Break N Rake is a multipurpose window entry tool engineered to quickly and efficiently penetrate the laminated, privacy, and security glass materials that are increasingly common in high profile…

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    Price: $344.99
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