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  1. UCR Slingpack

    …The UCR Slingpack is a right-handed bag designed for the aware and prepared. Built from 1050D nylon, featuring a drop-front opening with side retention lashes, haul handles, interior pockets with bungee retention, a customizable pull-out ID panel, and a large front web patch panel, the UCR

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    Price: $124.99
  2. UCR Thigh Rig

    Purpose Built Just the essentials. Ideal for carrying 12 blow- out kits and a pair of AR magazines, the UCR Thigh Rig features a drop- down zippered compartment with a light- colored interior, bungee tie- downs, and MOLLE and web platform- compatibility. Crafted from 1050D nylon,…

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    Price: $44.99
  3. UCR IFAK Pouch

    Purpose Built Designed to attach to your vehicle's headrest or any MOLLE or web platform, 5.11®'s UCR IFAK Pouch lets you keep 1-2 blow-out kits or medical essentials within arm's reach. The pouch features a drop-down zippered compartment with a light-colored…

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    Price: $34.99
  4. UCR Litter

    Purpose Built Engineered from durable 1050D nylon, the innovative UCR Litter is designed for rapid deployment and recovery of an injured person. 2/ 3rds body length, with leg and waist straps and six grab handles, the UCR Litter works as either a one- man carry system or a traditional…

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    Price: $74.99
  5. UCR Thigh Rig Med Kit

    Purpose Built Now the 5.11 UCR Thigh Rig comes fully loaded so you'll be ready for any emergency situation. Features & Benefits * Drop-front opening for full access * Bungee tie-downs * Adjustable/removable thigh strap Contains: * 1 CAT - black * 1 Kit, Bear Claw Glove * 1 NAR Sharpie - Large * 1…

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    Price: $329.99
  6. UCR Slingpack Med Kit

    Purpose Built The 5.11 UCR Sling pack is now a fully-loaded out med kit perfect for those who need to always be ready. Features & Benefits * Drop front opening w/ side retention lashes * Interior pockets w/ bungee retention * Sling pack style for easy cary Contains: * 4 CAT - Black * 4 Kit, Bear…

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    Price: $824.99
  7. Ignitor Med Pouch

    Purpose Built The Ignitor Medic Pouch meshes seamlessly with 5.11® bags, packs, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient first aid solution for any application or environment.Features and Benefits* 5.11 SlickStick® /MOLLE Medic Pouch* Integrates with 5.11® Bags, packs, and…

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    Price: $37.99
  8. 3.6 Med Kit

    Purpose Built A must have for both tactical operators and recreational outdoorsmen, the 3.6 Med Kit from 5.11 Tactical® keeps crucial first aid within easy reach at all times.Features and Benefits* Compact, secure, convenient* MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® compatible* First-aid specific internal…

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    Price: $29.99
  9. All Hazards Prime Backpack

    Purpose Built The All Hazards Prime is an extremely durable, easy to carry, full featured bag with more than enough room to handle a full tactical kit.Features and Benefits* Tear-out medical pouches* Padded laptop sleeve* Hydration compartmentSpecifications* Durable1050D nylon* Interior web…

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    Price: $199.99
  10. Responder 84 ALS™ Backpack

    Purpose Built Modeled after the legendary 5.11® RUSH Backpack series, our Responder 84 ALS™ EMS Backpack is designed to provide first responders with EMS-specific storage in a highly mobile, highly functional frame.Features and Benefits* Highly functional EMS Backpack* Removable Airway…

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    Price: $229.99
  11. 6.6 Med Pouch

    Purpose Built The 6.6 Medic Pouch meshes seamlessly with 5.11® bags, packs, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient first aid solution for any application or environment.Features and Benefits* 5.11 SlickStick® /MOLLE Medic Pouch* Integrates with 5.11® Bags, packs, and duffels*…

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    Price: $29.99
  12. Responder BLS 2000™ Bag

    Purpose Built The BLS (Basic Life Support) 2000 Bag is a sturdy and efficient first responders bag that keeps all your essential tools within easy reach.Features and Benefits* Lightweight, highly functional first responders bag* Customizable main compartment storage* Stadium-style foldout front…

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    Price: $199.99
  13. Responder ALS 2900™ Bag

    Purpose Built Engineered with feedback from EMS professionals in the field, our Responder ALS (Advanced Life Support) 2900™ series provides first responders with a comprehensive and reliable storage solution that keeps everything you need within reach.Features and Benefits* Comprehensive first…

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    Price: $299.99
  14. Blood Type Patch Kit

    Purpose Built Supported by a broad range of 5.11® apparel, bags, and accessories, the 5.11® Blood Type ID Kit is designed to provide fast and accurate information to EMS and medical services professionals, announcing your blood type and medical allergies clearly and legibly, and ensuring…

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    Price: $9.99
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