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  1. Taclite® Pro Pant

    …All but invincible, the Taclite® Pro Pant provides outstanding comfort and performance in almost any activity, recreational, operational, or otherwise. Few things in life are this reliable. Or this useful.Features & Benefits* Lightweight, durable Taclite® fabric* Gussetted construction…

    Price: $49.99
  2. Women's TACLITE® Pro Pant

    Purpose Built Made from our lightweight, durable TACLITE® ripstop fabric, Women's TACLITE® Pro Pants are designed to provide outstanding comfort and performance in hot and humid conditions.Features & Benefits* Lightweight, durable women's tactical pants* Ideal for operational…

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    Price: $49.99
  3. Fast-Tac™ TDU™ Pant

    …of our most heavily used pants, the TDU™. Fast-Tac™ use a lightweight (4.7 oz.) polyester ripstop fabric with water resistance for the ultimate in lightweight, tactical functionality. Features and Benefits * Comfortable, durable, breathable TDU™ pants * Extra pockets sized for…

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    Price: $45.99
  4. TDU™ Pant

    …compatibility, you'll have complete and customizable storage options for your gear. These pants are made for the tough stuff, like you. Overview * High- performance, lightweight tactical duty uniform pants * Enhanced breathability, durability, and storage options * Extra pockets sized for…

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    Price: $49.99
  5. Traverse™ Pant 2.0

    …durability and water-resistance, and ten pockets for everything from keys to magazines, you can use these pants to master your environment. Overview * Lightweight, flexible, water-repellant pants * Ideal for high activity and outdoor demands * Extra pockets sized for tactical use Specifications *…

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    Price: $89.99
  6. TACLITE® Jean-Cut Pants

    …5.11®'s TACLITE® Jean-Cut Pants are made from lightweight TACLITE® ripstop fabric, and present a professional profile in a relaxed, straight-leg jean fit.Features and Benefits* Lightweight, durable, jean-style tactical pants* Excellent blend of professional and casual…

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    Price: $24.99 $49.99
  7. Women's TACLITE® EMS Pant

    Purpose Built A warm weather alternative to standard twill pants, our Women's TACLITE® EMS Pant is lightweight, breathable, and durable.Features & Benefits* Lightweight, durable women's EMS pants* Enhanced comfort, range of motion, and storage options* Extra pockets sized and placed…

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    Price: $59.99
  8. TACLITE® EMS Pant

    …It gets hot outside. We know that. So we went ahead and created the Taclite® EMS Pant - a lightweight, breathable alternative to traditional twill with all the durability. Features and Benefits * Lightweight Taclite® fabric * Enhanced breathabilty, durability, and storage options * Extra…

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    Price: $59.99
  9. REALTREE X-TRA® Taclite® Pro Pant

    …camouflage pattern, Realtree X-TRA® TACLITE® Pro Pants are lightweight, durable, and engineered to provide outstanding comfort and performance in harsh field conditions.Features and Benefits* Lightweight, durable camouflage pants* Ideal for operational or recreational outdoor demands*…

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    Price: $24.99 $69.99
  10. Women’s Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant

    Purpose Built Amazingly lightweight, water-resistant and every-day ready, the Women’s Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant raises the bar on style and functionality. Features & Benefits * Comfort waistband w/4-way stretch fabric panel * Media drop pocket / cell phone ready * Pocket reinforcement at front hand…

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    Price: $39.99
  11. TACLITE® PDU® Class A Pant

    Purpose Built Elegant enough for your dress uniform but functional enough for duty wear, the PDU® Class A TACLITE® Pant combines lightweight comfort with a clean, neat appearance that keeps you looking your best throughout your shift.Features and Benefits* Permanent military creases*…

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    Price: $54.99
  12. Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant

    …introduces the Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant, engineered to be the best pant for everyday work wear while remaining breathable and flexible.Features and Benefits* Water resistant finish* 5 pockets* Reinforced front utility pocket edgesSpecifications* Lightweight 4.7 oz. 100% polyester Fast-Tac™…

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    Price: $39.99
  13. MultiCam® TDU® Pant

    Purpose Built Multicam® TDU® Pants provide superior utility in harsh outdoor environments. The ultimate in outdoor tactical apparal - be unseen and be ready. Features and Benefits * Lightweight camoflage 6.5 oz ripstop poly/cotton fabric * Enhanced breathabilty, durability, and storage…

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    Price: $79.99
  14. Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant

    …Cargo Pant, engineered to be the best pant for everyday work wear while remaining breathable and flexible thanks to bartacking at stress points and gusseted construction.Features and Benefits* Water resistant finish* 9 pockets* Dual magazine pockets at back yokeSpecifications* Lightweight 4.7 oz.…

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    Price: $49.99
  15. TACLITE® TDU® Pant

    Purpose Built TACLITE® TDU® Pants are built to provide distraction-free support in a rugged, durable, and high-performance package. Features and Benefits * Lightweight, durable Taclite® fabric * Enhanced breathability and storage options * Extra pockets sized for tactical use…

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    Price: $49.99
  16. Women’s Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant

    Purpose Built The Women’s Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant is the picture of professionalism and performance. Made for optimal utility, comfort and durability, it’s up for any task. Features & Benefits * Lightweight, durable fabric * Comfort waistband w/4-way stretch fabric panel * Nine pockets, including dual…

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    Price: $49.99
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