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  1. Raid™

    Engineered and designed by Wiley X®, Raid™ Eyewear utilizes three sets of interchangeable high impact polycarbonate lenses, enabling you to completely adapt your light reduction preferences to your surroundings.

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    Price: $99.99
  2. S+R H2 Lens Filter Kit

    * Complete set of large and small lens filters* Includes six-piece filter kit and microfiber storage bag* Original equipment for S+R H2 HeadlampSpecifications* Imported

    Price: $4.99 $9.99
  3. Burner Half Frame Replacement Lenses

    These premium quality lens replacements for Burner Half Frame Eyewear are precise recreations of the original product, and meet stringent 5.11® quality assurance metrics for performance, protection, and freedom from defects.

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    Price: $9.99 $24.99
Related Categories Knives | Burner | Eyewear
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