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  1. LE EMT Multi-Tool

    …designed specifically for piercing hard materials. The seatbelt cutter with a pry bar and a spring-loaded glass breaker can expedite auto extractions and rescues. And with an oxygen wrench, two types of pliers a magnetic hex bit driver, and more, there’s almost nothing this multi-tool can’t handle.

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    Price: $49.99
  2. ALS/BLS Duffel 50L

    Gear Set™ compatible (Med Pouch Gear Set™ included), the ALS/BLS Duffel is ideal for fire, rescue and medical professionals who must work quickly and accurately under pressure. You can securely store your tablet in a clear, vinyl top compartment, a front pocket for first-grab items.…

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    Price: $229.99
  3. S+R A6 Flashlight

    Developed with direct input from seasoned Search and Rescue professionals from around the world, the S+R A6 Flashlight casts a brilliant 602 lumens of light, is powered by six AA batteries (included), and is specifically engineered for durability and lasting performance in the most demanding…

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    Price: $44.49 $99.99
  4. LMC™ Curved Rescue Tool

    Designed to assist first responders during emergency extractions, the LMC™ Curved Rescue Tool makes short work of rope, cord, seatbelts, or loose clothing, while a blunted tip minimizes the risk of occupant injury.

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    Price: $33.99 $44.99
  5. CarRake Expert Entry Tool

    …only. Call Customer Service at (866) 451-1726 to order. Confirmation required prior to purchase. Engineered for first responders, the CarRake Expert Entry Tool allows swift, safe breach and clearance of laminated, security, privacy, and other glass types, allowing expedited vehicular rescue.

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    Price: $249.99
  6. FR Utility Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt

    On the ladder, working an automobile accident, rescue or mitigating chemical exposure, the Fire Retardant Utility Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt performs up to its name, and features Nomex® Anesafe Fire-Retardant Thread throughout.

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    Price: $74.74 $114.99
Related Categories Rescue Tool | Tool | Bls | Medical | Als | Emt | Pack | Als/bls Duffel
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