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  1. XBT A6 Flashlight

    Perfect for everyday use by LE and Security Professionals and civilians, the XBT A6 Flashlight provides two output levels and more illumination than most other flashlights.

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    Price: $34.49 $89.99
  2. S+R A6 Flashlight

    Developed with direct input from seasoned Search and Rescue professionals from around the world, the S+R A6 Flashlight casts a brilliant 602 lumens of light, is powered by six AA batteries (included), and is specifically engineered for durability and lasting performance in the most demanding…

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    Price: $44.49 $99.99
  3. Sierra Bravo Flashlight Holder

    5.11® Sierra Bravo Duty Pouches are the new standard in utility storage for law enforcement professionals, tactical operators, and private security personnel worldwide, and are designed to provide maximum durability in any environment and reliable accessibility while on the move.

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    Price: $15.99
  4. Wall Cord 120V AC, 9V, 2.5A

    * AC Power Cord for charger bases for TPT® R7 & TPT® R7 14 Rechargeable Flashlights * Imported

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    Price: $14.99
  5. UCR Sling Pack 14L

    …a customizable pull-out ID panel, and a large front web patch panel, the UCR Slingpack keeps your gear organized and at hand. It also carries 1-4 blow-out kits for additional utility. How about that. Dimensions Main Compartment - 8.5" H x 16.5" L x 6." W Total Capacity - 842…

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    Price: $124.99
  6. DC Car Adaptor Cord

    * DC Power Cord for use with all charger bases for 5.11 Tactical® rechargeable flashlights * Imported

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    Price: $3.49 $4.99
  7. Flexio Penlight

    Ideal for inspection work or law enforcement searches, the Flexio light features a twelve inch articulating steel neck to search hard to reach places. Inside a wall, in a dark corner, or down a dark pipe or vent, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Includes a magnetic mounting base for hands-free…

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    Price: $19.49 $39.99
  8. S+R H2 Headlamp

    Stay mobile and maintain your vision in different environments with the S+R H2 light. Lightweight and operating with just two AAA batteries, this headlamp will put you in multi-use heaven. With interchangeable filters for different situations, you’ll always see at your best, no matter how the light…

    Price: $17.49 $39.99
  9. Price: $4.99

    …users who need to authenticate identification and currency. It also can detect hidden fluids, leaks, and troublesome scorpions. The EDC PLUV1AAA flashlight produces a high precision ultraviolet light with a runtime of 6 hours, 40 minutes. Tuck it in your pocket or clip it to your belt loop and stay…

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    Price: $24.99
  11. EDC PL 1AAA

    Mini in size, the EDC PL1AAA flashlight offers maximum convenience. It projects 55 lumens and features a runtime of 3 hours, 54 minutes with an updated chip-mounted LED. Compact and sleek, it easily fits in your pocket or bag for a second set of eyes at night. Imported.

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    Price: $19.99
  12. EDC 2AAA

    For ultimate control, the EDC 2AAA flashlight fits in the palm of your hand. It directs 127 lumens exactly where you need them and runs for 3 hours, 21 minutes. The updated battery door is stronger than ever to protect against drops or bumps. Shine on, carry on.

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    Price: $19.99
  13. Station 4AA

    Crank up the lumens and the distance with the Station 4AA flashlight. It shines 508 lumens and has our longest beam throw at 260 meters. See clearly, farther, with the Station 4AA.

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    Price: $59.99
  14. S+R H3 Headlamp

    When you’re on the move day into night, the S+R H3 light is a must-have. A balanced design and comfortable, this headlamp features an extended runtime of eight hours to light your way on a long hike or into overtime on the job. 

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    Price: $34.49 $69.99
  15. Station 2AA

    Go confidently into the night with the portable power of the Station 2AA. It emits 256 lumens, and can survive hard use. Simplicity at its best with single on/off operation, built like a tank. Get the job done in the absence of light with the Station 2AA

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    Price: $44.99
  16. Station 3D

    Purpose built and ready to answer the call. High power settings give you the edge and advantage in low light scenarios. Tactical features like bezel tips and enhanced grip as well as being waterproof and impact resistant. Relied upon by those serving country and their community.

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    Price: $89.99
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